Meeting Schedule:2nd Thursday of each month
Meeting Location:City Hall
Meeting Time:12:00 Noon

In order to preserve, promote and develop any building, structure, object, district, area or site that is significant in the history, architecture, archaeology or culture of the city, there is established a historic preservation commission in and for the city.

The commission shall consist of seven voting members appointed by the mayor with the advice and consent of the city council, and with due regard to proper representation of fields such as history, education, architecture, urban planning, archaeology, real estate, art and law. All members of the commission shall reside within the corporate boundaries of the city. Members who have a pecuniary interest in any matter coming before the commission for vote shall disclose to the commission that he has an interest and shall not be entitled to vote on the matter. Such a member shall be counted for purposes of determining a quorum which shall be defined as a simple majority of currently appointed members.